Viewing and Requesting Membership for Public Teams in Teams Manager

Viewing and Requesting Membership for Public Teams in Teams Manager


This article aims to clarify inquiries related to team visibility and membership requests for public teams within Microsoft Teams, specifically when using the Teams Manager. It is targeted at users and administrators who are navigating the Teams Manager's functionalities regarding public team access and participation.

Problem Statement

  • Issue: Employees are only able to see teams in Teams Manager to which they have been invited, with no capability to view other public teams or to request membership.
  • Impact: This limitation hinders employees' ability to discover and join relevant public teams autonomously, potentially impacting internal collaboration and communication.

Current Functionality of Teams Manager

  1. Visibility of Teams:

    • In the current setup of Teams Manager, employees can view only those teams to which they are members.
    • Public teams that employees are not part of are not visible to them within Teams Manager.
  2. Membership Request Feature:

    • Currently, Teams Manager does not facilitate a direct feature for employees to request membership to teams, even if those teams are visible to them.
  3. Alternative Method for Joining Teams:

    • Employees interested in a specific team are advised to contact the team’s owner or administrators to request being added to the team.

Recommendations for Administrators

  • Communication with Employees: Administrators should inform employees about the existing process for joining teams outside the scope of Teams Manager.
  • Assisting with Team Additions: Admins may need to assist in manually adding employees to relevant public teams where necessary.

Suggestions for Future Enhancements

  • Feature Requests:
    • Users and administrators can submit feature suggestions, such as enabling visibility of all teams and a membership request function, through the Teams Manager's feedback or idea submission channels.
    • Popular ideas that garner substantial support are more likely to be considered for implementation in future updates of Teams Manager.


  1. How can employees learn about public teams they are not part of?
    • They would typically need to rely on internal communication or direct information from team owners.
  2. Can administrators view all teams, including private ones, in Teams Manager?
    • Admin visibility in Teams Manager may include all teams, but access to certain private teams can be restricted depending on their role and permissions.
  3. What is the recommended action if an employee wants to join a public team?
    • Employees should reach out to the team’s owner or relevant administrator to request addition to the team.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • For any additional issues or concerns related to team visibility or membership processes in Teams Manager, reach out to the support team for detailed assistance and guidance.

Product Information

Teams Manager is an integral tool for managing team structures and memberships within Microsoft Teams. Understanding its capabilities and limitations is essential for effective team management and ensuring smooth collaboration within the organization.

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