Upload Template is not working

Upload Template is not working


When you upload the template file in the Template Library no page is generated.
Error in the ULS log:
10/29/2013 08: 34: 03:42 w3wp.exe (0x0F10) 0x2C8C Collaboration Manager Collaboration Manager 7331 Unexpected Solutions2Share.Solutions.CollaborationManager.Services.Components.Template.UploadedTemplate: Another site already exists at http: //collaboration.local/template_sites/Teamspace. Delete this site before Attempting to Create a new site with the same URL, choose a new URL, or create a new inclusion at the path you originally specified. Exception Type: 'ArgumentException' Exception Message: 'Another site already exists at http: //collaboration.local/template_sites/Teamspace...


There is already a different page with the same URL.


Delete the existing page or call the template and upload them again to the library high.

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