Update on Disabling "Tenant Offboarding" and "Team Offboarding" Email Notifications in External User Manager (EUM)

Update on Disabling "Tenant Offboarding" and "Team Offboarding" Email Notifications in External User Manager (EUM)


This article provides updated information regarding the resolution of an issue in the External User Manager (EUM) for Microsoft Teams, where administrators previously could not disable the "Tenant Offboarding" and "Team Offboarding" email notifications. The bug has been fixed, and the feature is now functioning correctly.

Updated Problem Statement

  • Original Issue: Administrators were unable to disable "Tenant Offboarding" and "Team Offboarding" email notifications in EUM, causing confusion and potential spam issues.
  • Resolution: The bug preventing the disabling of these notifications has been fixed in the latest update of EUM.

Revised Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Accessing Notification Settings:

    • Log in to the EUM interface.
    • Navigate to the notification settings section where the toggles for "Tenant Offboarding" and "Team Offboarding" are located.
  2. Disabling Offboarding Notifications:

    • You can now correctly toggle off the "Tenant Offboarding" and "Team Offboarding" email notifications.
    • Adjust the settings as per your organizational needs.
  3. Verifying the Changes:

    • After changing the settings, verify that offboarding emails are no longer being sent.
    • Conduct a test by simulating an offboarding process if necessary.
  4. Communicating the Update:

    • Inform your team members and relevant external guests about the resolution of this issue.
  5. Monitoring Post-Update:

    • Keep monitoring the functionality to ensure no further issues arise with these settings.

Additional Tips

  • Review Regularly: Periodically check the EUM notification settings to ensure they align with your current organizational policies and needs.
  • Feedback Loop: Continue providing feedback to the EUM support team on the functionality and any other aspects that could be enhanced.


  1. How do we ensure that the offboarding emails are now correctly disabled?
    • After adjusting the settings, monitor the system to ensure that offboarding emails are no longer being sent as per your updated preferences.
  2. What should we do if we encounter further issues with email notifications?
    • If any new issues arise, contact the EUM support team for assistance.
  3. Are there any other notification settings that we should review following this update?
    • It's always good practice to review all notification settings periodically, especially after a system update, to ensure they meet your requirements.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • For any additional concerns or issues related to email notifications or other functionalities in EUM, reach out to the support team for more detailed troubleshooting and guidance.

Product Information

The External User Manager (EUM) for Microsoft Teams is designed to streamline the management of external users. With the resolution of this bug, administrators can now more effectively control offboarding communications, enhancing the overall management experience in Microsoft Teams.

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