Troubleshooting Onboarding Process Completion Issues

Troubleshooting Onboarding Process Completion Issues


This article addresses the issue reported by Bertram, Reinhard where the onboarding process was not being completed successfully, preventing users from joining the intended team. The specific case involves a user from a sister company in the U.S. with email addresses.

Issue Description

The user,, was invited to join the team "G-Team" but could not complete the onboarding process. Even after successful authentication and confirmation steps, the user was not added to the team and was only presented with a loading symbol.

Clarification and Resolution Steps

Initial Meeting Proposal

  • A meeting was suggested to regrant permissions from the global administrator side and create a fresh invite for the colleague in question.

Collecting Tenant ID for Investigation

  • The user provided their Tenant ID allowing the Solutions2Share support team to check logs for potential errors.

Offering Detailed Instructions

  • Solutions2Share support suggested steps to manually set up a service user account in the External User Manager, which is crucial for handling all invitation processes.

Service User Setup

  1. Navigate to the External User Manager's "Settings > Setup" menu.
  2. Click the "Grant Permissions" button to ensure the service user has global admin rights.

Guest Access Understanding

  • The guest access feature in Microsoft 365 groups is highlighted, which is enabled by default and extends across various Microsoft 365 applications.

Suggestions for Workaround

  • In case the service user does not have global admin rights, an alternative user with such rights should be added to facilitate the invitation process.

Supporting Information

  • Instructions provided included detailed steps about how to address guest access issues and how to manage service users for the External User Manager.


The Solutions2Share support team dedicated efforts to providing a solution that included setting up a service user properly, understanding guest access, and considering potential issues related to Microsoft 365 limitations.


Users encountering similar onboarding issues or requiring additional assistance should contact Solutions2Share Support. We are committed to facilitating smooth onboarding processes for all users and resolving technical problems effectively.


Users are reminded to provide as much detail as possible, including Tenant IDs, screenshots, and error codes, to enable the support team to diagnose and address issues more efficiently. We encourage clear communication and prompt responses to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Remember, continuous feedback from users is important to us, and we strive to improve our services based on your experiences. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.