Troubleshooting Infopage Tab Loading Issues in Teams Manager

Troubleshooting Infopage Tab Loading Issues in Teams Manager


This article addresses a common issue faced by Teams Manager users where the Infopage tab fails to load in both existing teams and teams & team templates.

Problem Statement

Users report that the Infopage tab displays a blank page or fails to load content. This issue persists even after implementing a hotfix intended to resolve it. It affects both existing teams and newly created teams.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Verifying the Hotfix:

    • Check if the hotfix rolled out to address the Infopage loading issue is applied in your environment.
    • Confirm whether the issue persists post-hotfix by accessing the Infopage in different teams.
  2. Re-adding the Infopage Tab:

    • As a temporary workaround, remove and then re-add the Infopage tab in the team where the issue is observed.
    • Check if the content loads correctly after re-adding the tab.
  3. Create a support ticket:

  4. Awaiting Upcoming Release:

    • Be aware that a permanent solution is planned for an upcoming release.
    • Keep an eye out for updates or notifications regarding the release.

Additional Tips

  • Regularly update your Teams Manager and Microsoft Teams applications to the latest version.
  • Clear cache and temporary files in Teams Manager and the browser, if applicable.
  • Contact support if issues persist or new problems arise post-update.


  1. What should I do if the Infopage tab still shows a blank page after the hotfix?

    • Try re-adding the Infopage tab as a temporary fix and contact support for further assistance.
  2. Will the upcoming release automatically fix existing Infopage tabs?

    • The upcoming release aims to resolve the issue for both existing and new tabs, but it's recommended to verify post-release.
  3. Can I manually fix the issue without waiting for the release?

    • A temporary solution is to remove and re-add the Infopage tab, but a permanent fix will be provided in the upcoming release.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • Check for any error messages or logs that could provide additional insights.
  • If the issue is consistent across multiple teams, it might indicate a more systemic problem requiring support intervention.

Product Information

Teams Manager is a tool designed to enhance Microsoft Teams' functionality, offering features like template creation and Infopage management. Addressing issues like Infopage tab loading enhances the overall user experience and efficiency of the platform.

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