Troubleshooting FileManager License Activation

Troubleshooting FileManager License Activation


This article is about resolving FileManager license activation issues encountered by users when using Teams Manager. Users have reported not being able to activate features, despite purchasing a license for FileManager.

Problem Statement

A user has reported that, even after buying a FileManager license to test the product, it appears that no features are being activated. The user is unsure about what is going wrong in the license activation process.

Step-by-Step Solution

While our team is working on the issue, users can try the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check License Details: Ensure that your license information is correctly entered into Teams Manager.
  2. Verify License Validity: Confirm that your license is still valid and has not expired.
  3. Reactivate License: Try to deactivate and then reactivate your FileManager license.

Remember, our team is available to help and we recommend scheduling a remote session for a detailed walkthrough if the problem persists.

Additional Tips

  1. Regularly check for updates to Teams Manager which may bring fixes to known issues.
  2. If you encounter further issues, do not hesitate to contact Solutions2Share support.


Q: I purchased a FileManager license but the features are not activating. What could be the issue?

There could be a variety of reasons, including incorrect license information, an expired license, or a system error. Contact Solutions2Share support for a detailed diagnosis.

Q: Can I schedule a remote session with the Solutions2Share support team for assistance?

Yes, our team is always ready to assist and a remote session can be a great way to address and resolve your issues effectively.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  1. Review Logs: Teams Manager logs may provide more information about license activation issues.
  2. Contact Support: If the problem persists, reach out to the Solutions2Share support team for further assistance.