Sharing MindMap with Users in the Same Tenancy

Sharing MindMap with Users in the Same Tenancy


This article provides guidance for sharing MindMap with users within the same tenant, addressing a query raised by a user who experienced difficulties when attempting to share the application with others who may or may not already have access to MindMap.

Issue Description

Users have reported a challenge in sharing MindMap with other users in their tenancy. This difficulty arises particularly when trying to share with users who do not have MindMap installed or when the sharing feature is not available in the current version of the software.

Clarification and Steps Forward

Current Software Limitation

  • The current version of MindMap does not support sharing features that allow a user to share MindMap with other users who do not have it installed.

Development of New Features

  • Solutions2Share is actively developing a new version of MindMap that will include the capability to share with users within the same tenancy, regardless of whether they have MindMap installed.
  • A test version of this feature is in progress, and stakeholders will be notified via email when the feature becomes available.

Trial Licenses

  • For users who wish to test MindMap features before the new sharing capability is released, Solutions2Share can provide a trial version for multiple users for a specified period.
  • If interested, users can contact Solutions2Share to request a trial license.
  • Until the new version with the sharing feature is released, users are encouraged to use the MindMap application individually and provide feedback on existing functionalities.
  • Users should keep their tenant IDs available to assist with licensing and support queries.


Solutions2Share recognizes the importance of collaboration and is working towards enhancing MindMap with a sharing feature that accommodates users within the same tenant. Until the release, users are advised to utilize individual access and stay tuned for updates regarding new functionalities.


For assistance with MindMap or inquiries about trial licenses and upcoming features, please contact the Solutions2Share Support Team. Our team is dedicated to providing quality support and updates on our products.

Remember to monitor communications from Solutions2Share for announcements on new releases, and feel free to reach out for support related to MindMap and other product features.

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