Setting Up Enhanced Service Account Configuration in External User Manager (EUM)

Setting Up Enhanced Service Account Configuration in External User Manager (EUM)


This article is intended to guide administrators through the process of setting up an Enhanced Service Account Configuration in the External User Manager (EUM). This setup is particularly relevant for those transitioning from using a Global Admin account to a more specialized and secure service account.

Common Question

  • Question: How do we switch from a Global Admin account to an Enhanced Service Account Configuration in the External User Manager (EUM)? Is there an official guide for this setup?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Accessing Documentation:

    • Official documentation for setting up a Service Account is available in the EUM Help section, specifically under Documentation → Setup → Setting up Service Account. Click here
  2. Initial Setup:

    • Go to the 'Setup' area in the EUM settings.
    • By default, the user who provides permissions is initially set as the Service Account.
  3. Assigning the Service Account:

    • Use the provided button to be prompted for signing in with the desired Service Account.
    • Successful login establishes this account as the new Service Account.
  4. Teams License Requirement:

    • Confirm that the Service Account possesses an active Teams license for full functionality within the EUM.
  5. Updating Permissions:

    • If there's a change in permissions, it's essential to reset the Service Account to maintain accurate access and control.
  6. Monitoring and Testing:

    • Continuously monitor the Service Account to ensure it operates correctly.
    • Perform tests to confirm its capabilities within the EUM.

Additional Tips

  • Regular Reviews: Frequently review the Service Account configuration for ongoing security and compliance.
  • Document the Process: Keep records of the setup process for future reference and auditing.
  • Seek Support When Needed: For any uncertainties or complications, reach out to the EUM support team for assistance.


  1. What should we do if the Service Account loses its Teams license?
    • Reinstating the Teams license is crucial as its absence can disrupt the Service Account's functionality.
  2. Can the Service Account be changed later?
    • Yes, the Service Account can be modified by reassigning permissions and logging in with the new account.
  3. What type of account is recommended for the Service Account?
    • A dedicated, non-personal account that is securely managed is typically recommended for this role.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • For any issues encountered post-setup, check the account permissions and licensing, and contact the EUM support for more detailed troubleshooting.

Product Information

The External User Manager (EUM) offers enhanced control and management within Microsoft Teams environments. Implementing an Enhanced Service Account Configuration is a key step towards more secure and efficient management of user access and permissions.

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