Resolving Issues with Viewing Shared Maps in Singular Mind Map Subscription

Resolving Issues with Viewing Shared Maps in Singular Mind Map Subscription


This article aims to assist users who are experiencing difficulties with viewing maps that have been shared with them in the Singular Mind Map application within Microsoft Teams. Specifically, when the "shared with me" tab perpetually displays a loading screen, preventing the shared content from being accessed.

Problem Description

Users may encounter an issue where the Singular Mind Map app fails to display maps under the "shared with me" tab, resulting in an endless loading screen.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Open a Support Ticket: If you're experiencing issues with viewing shared maps in Singular Mind Map, contact the support team to open a troubleshooting ticket.

  2. Remote Assistance Session:

    • The support team may offer a remote session to directly assist you and attempt to replicate the issue.
    • During the remote session, the support team will gather information to understand the problem better and find a resolution.
  3. Microsoft-Side Issue:

    • Investigations may reveal that the problem is on Microsoft's side, not related to the operating system or the Singular Mind Map application itself.
    • Useful resources such as Microsoft's support articles can be referenced for more information regarding similar reported issues.
  4. Purchasing Additional Licenses:

    • If the problem relates to licensing, follow the given guidance on how to purchase additional licenses via the Microsoft 365 Admin center.
  5. Further Assistance:

    • If there are no displayed licenses on webpage and no recent purchases, it's possible there might have been a misunderstanding or an error in the email communication.
    • In such cases, setting up a meeting with the support team can help clarify the situation and assist with product purchase and license assignment.


If the issue is identified as originating from Microsoft, it may be beyond the control of the Singular Mind Map support team. However, they will provide guidance and support while waiting for Microsoft to resolve the issue. Users can stay updated by following any related articles or updates provided by Microsoft.


If the issue persists or for any further assistance, please feel free to reply to the support email to reopen the ticket or create a new one. The Singular Mind Map support team is committed to assisting you and ensuring your issues are addressed promptly.

Remember to check for updates from Microsoft and keep in communication with the support team for the latest information on resolving your issue.

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