Resolving Creation and Approval Request Errors in Teams Manager

Resolving Creation and Approval Request Errors in Teams Manager


This article provides a solution for addressing issues encountered during the creation and approval of requests within Teams Manager, particularly when users receive error messages indicating that requests could not be created or approved.

Problem Overview

Users may experience errors when attempting to create and approve requests using a template in Teams Manager. The errors reported include messages stating that the request could not be created, and upon refresh, although the request appears in the open request list, it cannot be approved.

Resolution Steps

Investigating Metadata Issues

  • Initial suggestions for resolving the issue involved reviewing the Metadata for dropdown type fields to ensure there are no empty aliases, which can cause errors.

Remote Session Assistance

  • A support team member may offer to set up a remote session to thoroughly examine the issue with the user.

Changing Notification Settings

  • One effective resolution involved modifying the notification settings in Teams Manager from TM Mailing to Exchange and configuring an appropriate account to handle these notifications.

Confirmation of Resolution

  • After implementing the changes to notification settings, users should test the creation and approval process again to ensure the issue is resolved.

Support Team Availability

  • In case of continued problems, the support team remains available to assist users, offering options such as remote sessions and direct meetings to diagnose and solve the issue.

Final Outcome

Upon successfully changing the notification settings, the issue was resolved, allowing users to create and approve requests without further errors. The support ticket related to this problem was then closed.

Additional Support

Users are encouraged to reach out with any subsequent questions or concerns by replying to the support email to reopen the ticket or by creating a new ticket if necessary.


A proactive approach involving direct communication and prompt technical intervention has proven effective in resolving errors during the request creation and approval process in Teams Manager.

Support Contact

For issues related to request management within Teams Manager, users can contact the support team for assistance. The team is committed to finding solutions and ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Remember, keeping your Teams Manager environment and settings up to date can help prevent issues, and engaging with the support team can expedite the resolution of any problems that arise.

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