Resolving Approval Viewing Issues in Teams Manager

Resolving Approval Viewing Issues in Teams Manager


This article addresses a specific problem encountered by users of Teams Manager, where they are unable to see teams for approval in the system. This issue can hinder the efficient management and approval of teams, affecting the workflow in organizations using Teams Manager.

Problem Statement

  • Issue: Users report that they are unable to view teams for approval in Teams Manager, despite receiving notifications in the chat.
  • User Impact: This issue prevents administrators and approvers from effectively managing and approving team requests, leading to potential delays and confusion in team management.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Regrant Permissions in Application Setup:

    • The global administrator should regrant permissions in the Teams Manager application setup. This is crucial if errors were detected during log checks.
    • Specifically, regrant the first permission as outlined in the support communication.
  2. Check Approver Settings in Teams Manager:

    • Access Teams Manager settings.
    • Review the approver settings to confirm the correct approver group is attached to the specific policy.
    • This policy should be tied to the template that provisioned the team.
  3. Verify Policy Execution:

    • Ensure the policy package is defined correctly in the Policy Execution section.
    • The execution should align with the team's provisioning template or the specified attribute.
  4. Recreate the Team Request (Workaround):

    • If the issue persists, users may need to recreate the team request as a temporary solution.
  5. Further Troubleshooting:

    • If these steps do not resolve the issue, keep the ticket on 'On hold' status for further observation.
    • Contact support if the issue persists for an extended period or if an alternative solution is required.

Additional Tips

  • Regular System Checks: Perform regular checks and updates to ensure that Teams Manager functions correctly.
  • User Training: Educate users and administrators on troubleshooting steps and whom to contact for support.


  1. Why can't I see teams for approval in Teams Manager even after receiving notifications?

    • This could be due to permission issues or errors in the application setup, requiring a review and regranting of permissions.
  2. What should I do if the problem persists after regranting permissions?

    • If the issue continues, try recreating the team request and contact support for further assistance.
  3. Could this issue be related to a bug or technical error from Microsoft?

    • Yes, the inconsistency of the issue suggests it might also be a technical error from Microsoft’s end, especially if no relevant errors appear in the logs.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • Logging and Reporting: Keep detailed logs of any errors and report them to the support team for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • System Updates: Regularly update Teams Manager to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.

Product Information

Teams Manager is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the management and approval of teams within Microsoft Teams. It streamlines workflows and ensures efficient team management. Resolving viewing issues is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of this tool.

For further assistance, contact the Teams Manager support team. Keeping your Teams Manager system properly configured and updated ensures smoother team management and approval processes.

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