Resolution of Azure Proxy Issues and Redirection

Resolution of Azure Proxy Issues and Redirection


This article serves as a guide to resolving an issue with the installation and configuration of an Azure proxy, which led to difficulties in redirection and visibility within the Teams Manager (TM) Dashboard.

Problem Statement

A problem occurred during the installation of an Azure proxy, which led to incorrect redirection and a loss of visibility in the TM Dashboard. Additionally, the user lost administrative rights in TM.

Step-by-Step Solution

The issue with the Azure proxy has been resolved, and the ticket has been closed. Here are the steps that contributed to the solution:

  1. Proxy Installation:

    • The Azure proxy was successfully installed.
  2. Forwarding Problem:

    • There was a problem with the forwarding that has been resolved.
  3. Performance Review:

    • General performance is continuously monitored and assessed.
  4. TM Dashboard Visibility:

    • Visibility in the TM Dashboard has been restored.
  5. Administrator Rights:

    • Administrative rights in TM have been reassigned.

Additional Tips

  • Regular Review: Ensure that regular checks are conducted after resolving an issue to prevent recurrence.
  • Documentation: Keep a written record of all steps and changes to facilitate troubleshooting of future issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What should I do if I encounter problems after installing the proxy?

    • A: Check the proxy configuration and ensure that the redirection is set up correctly.
  • Q: How can I regain my admin rights in the TM Dashboard?

    • A: Contact support to verify and restore your admin rights.

Further Actions in Case of Problems

Should problems persist:

  • Contact Support: Get in touch with the support team for further assistance.
  • Check Access Rights: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to perform the required actions.

Product Information

The Teams Manager provides an overview and management capabilities for teams within your organization. Issues with the Azure proxy can impair functionality, so quick resolution of such issues is of great importance.

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