Resolution for Teams Manager Trial Access and Licensing Issues

Resolution for Teams Manager Trial Access and Licensing Issues


This article is intended to address the concerns and resolution steps for access and licensing issues encountered by users attempting to trial or license Teams Manager.

Issue Description

Users may face difficulties with Teams Manager such as:

  • Time-out during download and installation attempts.
  • The application not loading past the initial screen.
  • Access not being granted after the trial period has already started.

These issues can significantly impact users' ability to trial and evaluate the Teams Manager software effectively.

Resolution Steps

Clearing Cache or Using Incognito Mode

  • Clear browser cache or use an Incognito/Private browser session to access Teams Manager.
  • This has been identified as a potential workaround for caching issues.

Manual License Issuance

  • In cases where the automated process fails, licenses can be manually issued to the tenant by the Solutions2Share team.
  • This step resolved the access issue for the user and allowed the trial to be fully accessible.

Tenant ID Confirmation

  • Requesting the user’s tenant ID to troubleshoot possible licensing issues.
  • Ensuring that all licenses, including Enterprise licenses, are activated for the tenant.

Support Team Availability

  • Scheduling a meeting with the user to walk through all features and resolve any outstanding issues.
  • Support team members reaching out directly to users to provide assistance.

Final Outcome

Upon manually issuing the licenses and confirming the tenant ID, the user was able to access the Teams Manager trial successfully. Users are advised to contact the support team if they encounter any further issues.

Additional Support

If other issues arise or there are further questions regarding the Teams Manager software, users are encouraged to reopen the ticket or create a new one for assistance.


The Solutions2Share team is dedicated to ensuring that users have a smooth experience during their trial period and that any issues with accessing the software are resolved in a timely manner.

Support Contact

For assistance with Teams Manager or related services, please reach out to the Solutions2Share support team. We are committed to providing the necessary support and guidance to our users.

Remember, if you face any issues with downloading, installing, or accessing Teams Manager, please do not hesitate to contact the support team for help. Clear communication and accurate information such as tenant ID are crucial for swift resolution.

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