Release 23.03.2018

Release 23.03.2018

Fixed Bugs:

  • Increased entries in the "App Requests" list
  • Ribbonbutton "Delete Site" removes the list item instead of moving it to the trash.
  • Ribbonbutton for deleting pages can be used by any user.

Modern Site Fixed Bugs:

  • Left navigation is transferred in the wrong order.
  • Links from the left navigation point to entries from the template.
  • The setting for the visibility of the pages is not taken into account.
  • The status of the pages is set to Error after successful upload.
  • Error when setting the pages.
  • The system does not check whether group templates already exist.

New features:

Classic Site: The start page can be excluded from the synchronization.


  • The Collaboration Manager 365 must be reinstalled via the "Reinstall Collaboration Manager" button.
  • All group templates must be saved.

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