Provisioning of Sensitivity Labels in Teams Manager

Provisioning of Sensitivity Labels in Teams Manager

Provisioning of Sensitivity Labels in Teams Manager for all users and groups


Microsoft Teams allows users to classify and protect content via Sensitivity Labels. 
The Teams Manager facilitates a more streamlined approach to administering these labels, ensuring seamless content classification within your Teams and Groups.
This guide will walk you through a step-by-step process to understand, assigning, and utilize sensitivity labels effectively in both Microsoft Teams and the Teams Manager.

Steps to Provision Sensitivity Labels in Teams Manager:

Activation of Sensitivity Labels:

Before you can use sensitivity labels in Teams Manager, you need to activate them via PowerShell script.
Detailed instructions for activation can be found on Solutions2Share Blog Post.

To get Sensitivity Labels provisioned in Teams Manager, after activating them on Microsoft's side, the scope should be UnifiedGroup.

Provisioning in Teams Manager:

After activating sensitivity labels, they should appear in the classification section of Teams Manager.

Provisioning is time-dependent and may not be instant. It can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours.

Creating Teams/Groups with Sensitivity Labels:

Once the labels are provisioned, you can create teams or groups and assign the desired sensitivity labels to them.

Label Policy Execution:

It's essential to set the scope of the label policy to either all users or specific groups.

Ensuring the correct scope ensures that all members of the group can view and use the sensitivity labels in Teams Manager.

If the scope differs, please ensure that the policy is edited to include all users and groups.

End Result:

Sensitivity Labels would be provisioned once all of this was completed.

Teams Admin center: 

In Teams Manager: 

Things to Note:
Provisioning Delay: As previously mentioned, the provisioning of sensitivity labels is not immediate.
Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues or do not see the sensitivity labels after the expected time, it might be helpful to check the label policies and ensure they've been set up correctly.

Further Support:
If you have additional questions or need assistance regarding Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft Teams, please contact the Solutions2Share support team at

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