Optimizing Template Requirement Notifications in Teams Manager

Optimizing Template Requirement Notifications in Teams Manager


This article addresses the issue reported in Teams Manager where users are not informed of template requirements, such as the need for two owners, during the team creation process. This lack of information can lead to confusion when the "Create" button is disabled without explanation.

Problem Description

When a user creates a team using a template with specific requirements, they are not shown an immediate notification or hint about these requirements. For instance, the requirement to have two team owners is not communicated effectively, potentially causing the user to be unable to proceed with the creation without understanding why.

Solution and Workaround

  1. Create Dummy Policy:

    • A potential workaround involves creating a separate dummy policy with only the two-owner toggles enabled, to be assigned across all templates.
  2. Video Demonstration:

    • Support has provided a detailed video guide demonstrating the steps to create and apply the dummy policy.
  3. Feedback Implementation:

    • Support has acknowledged the feedback and suggestions for enhancing the user experience.
    • Currently, no alterations to the logic are planned, as it's designed to work in a specific manner.
  4. User Collaboration:

    • Users are encouraged to participate in remote sessions to assist in reproducing the issue.
    • Continuous communication and updates are provided through email dialogue and support calls.

Recommendations for Optimization

  1. Place a Summary Hint:

    • Add a notification in the summary section if there are missing requirements for the team to be created.
  2. Initial Form Hint:

    • Implement a hint within the initial form indicating that a certain number of owners are needed.
  3. Alternative Solutions:

    • Explore other potential improvements suggested by users or from support insights to make the process more user-friendly.


Teams Manager acknowledges the importance of making the team creation process as smooth and intuitive as possible. While the current system may have limitations, the support team is dedicated to exploring solutions and supporting users through available workarounds.


Should users encounter further issues or have additional concerns, they are encouraged to respond to support emails to reopen the ticket or create a new one. The goal is to always provide timely and effective assistance.

Remember to keep communication lines open with the support team, and provide feedback that can help improve the service and user experience within Teams Manager.

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