Managing Archive Reminder Mails in Teams Manager

Managing Archive Reminder Mails in Teams Manager


In Teams Manager, administrators may encounter requests to modify the archival reminder process, specifically regarding the frequency and content of reminder emails. This issue involves tailoring the reminder emails to better suit organizational needs and ensuring clear communication to the team owners about impending archive actions.

Problem Statement

  • Issue: Limited flexibility in managing archival reminder emails in Teams Manager.
  • User Request: Requests for additional reminder mail a week prior to archive and modification of the email text to clearly inform the team owner of required action.
  • Current Limitation: Presently, Teams Manager sends a single email X days before archiving, but there is no built-in option for additional reminders or customization of the email content.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Review Current Settings: Check the existing Lifecycle settings in Teams Manager to understand the current configuration of archival reminders.
  2. Gather Requirements: Clarify the specific needs for reminder emails, including frequency and content.
  3. Submit Feature Request: If the desired functionality is not available:
    • Create a feature request in the Teams Manager ‘Idea’ section under the help tab.
    • Encourage team members to upvote the idea to garner attention from the development team.
  4. Alternative Communication Strategies:
    • Use automated email tools or scripts to send additional reminders if Teams Manager does not currently support this feature.
    • Manually update the email content to include clear instructions for team owners.
  5. Monitor for Updates: Keep an eye on Teams Manager updates for any new features or enhancements regarding archive reminders.
  6. Implement Changes: Once the feature is available, update the Lifecycle settings to include the new reminder frequency and email content.

Additional Tips

  • Engage with Community: Participate in Teams Manager forums or user groups to share ideas and learn from others facing similar challenges.
  • Documentation: Keep detailed records of any manual processes or scripts used as a stopgap until the feature is available.
  • Regular Review: Periodically review your archival process to ensure it aligns with organizational needs and available features.


  1. Can we manually change the text of the archive reminder email in Teams Manager?
    • Currently, Teams Manager does not offer this option, but a feature request can be submitted for future consideration.
  2. Is it possible to automate additional reminder emails outside of Teams Manager?
    • Yes, using external email automation tools or scripts can be a temporary solution.
  3. How do we submit a feature request for Teams Manager?
    • Feature requests can be submitted through the ‘Idea’ section in the Teams Manager help tab.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • If experiencing issues with email delivery, verify the email server settings and check for any spam filters that may be blocking the emails.
  • For issues with external scripts or automation tools, ensure they are correctly configured and aligned with the email server settings.

Product Information

Teams Manager is a robust tool designed to facilitate efficient management and governance of Microsoft Teams environments. It offers features such as lifecycle management, team creation, and permission settings. Enhancing the archival reminder process will further improve the tool's effectiveness in maintaining organized and timely team management.

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