Korean Language Support in Mindmap Application

Korean Language Support in Mindmap Application


This article provides information about the current status of Korean language support in the Mindmap application on Microsoft Teams, as requested by our users.

Issue Overview

A user has reported an issue regarding the lack of Korean language support in the Mindmap application. The text saved in Korean appears to be corrupted or not displaying correctly.

Current Status

Task Under Review

  • Our development team already has a task related to Korean language support under review.
  • We are aware of the importance of supporting multiple languages and are working towards enhancing the application's internationalization.

Ticket Status

  • The support ticket concerning Korean language support has been marked as "On Hold."
  • The user will be notified as soon as there are updates regarding the implementation of Korean language support.

Steps for Users

Monitoring Progress

  • Users who require Korean language support should stay updated with the latest communications from our support team.

Reporting Issues

  • If users experience any problems with language support or text display, they should report these issues to our support team for further investigation.

Future Updates

Development Timeline

  • While an exact timeline for the introduction of Korean language support has not been provided, this feature is a recognized requirement and is being prioritized accordingly.

Release Notification

  • Users who have reported language support issues will be directly notified when updates or new releases addressing these concerns become available.


We appreciate the feedback from our users and understand the need for comprehensive language support, including Korean, in our applications. We are actively working towards this goal and will keep our users informed of our progress.


For additional help or more information about language support in Mindmap or other applications, please reach out to Solutions2Share support. Our team is dedicated to providing the assistance you need and ensuring a positive experience with our software solutions.

Remember, your feedback is invaluable and contributes to the continuous improvement of our products. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to meet your language needs.

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