Issue with Sensitivity Labels in Teams Manager

Issue with Sensitivity Labels in Teams Manager


This article addresses a common issue encountered in Teams Manager regarding the application of sensitivity labels during team creation. This problem can significantly impact both users and administrators, as sensitivity labels are crucial for maintaining data security and compliance within an organization.

Problem Statement

The core issue is that sensitivity labels are not always applied when creating new teams through Teams Manager. Key elements of this problem include:

  • Error Behavior: Sensitivity labels not being set automatically as expected.
  • User Impact: This affects team creators and members who rely on these labels for data security and compliance.
  • System Behavior: The issue stems from permission settings within the Compliance Center's Information Protection section.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Access the Compliance Center: Log in to your organization's Compliance Center.
  2. Navigate to Information Protection.
  3. Select Label Policies.
  4. Verify if only selected individuals are authorized to apply these labels. If so, adjust the settings to include all necessary approvers.
  5. Ensure that all approvers in Teams Manager have the required permissions to view and apply these labels.
  6. Adjust the Label Policies accordingly to ensure broader accessibility or specific permissions as needed.
  7. Test the solution by creating a new team in Teams Manager and checking if the sensitivity label is applied correctly.

Additional Tips

  • External User Manager: Verify if external users have the correct permissions if they are involved in team creation.
  • MindMap Integration: Check for any conflicts or settings in MindMap that could affect label policies.
  • Alternative Solutions: If changing permissions is not feasible, consider creating a custom script or workflow to automate the label application process.


  1. Can sensitivity labels be auto-applied based on certain criteria?
    • Yes, auto-application can be configured in the Compliance Center based on predefined criteria.
  2. What happens if a user without proper permissions tries to create a team?
    • The team may be created without the necessary sensitivity labels, leading to potential compliance issues.
  3. Are there logs available to track who created a team and what labels were applied?
    • Yes, Teams Manager should have logs available for auditing purposes.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • Check User Permissions: Regularly review user permissions in both Teams Manager and the Compliance Center.
  • Review Audit Logs: Audit logs can provide insights into issues with team creation and label application.
  • Hyperlinks and File Manager Integration: Ensure that settings in these systems do not conflict with label policies.

Product Information

Teams Manager is a powerful tool for managing Microsoft Teams in an organization. It streamlines the process of creating and managing teams, ensuring compliance with organizational policies. Resolving issues like the one discussed enhances the user experience and maintains the integrity of data security and compliance efforts.

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