How to do: Adaptation of the workspace Information Web Part

How to do: Adaptation of the workspace Information Web Part

Contains the Collaboration Manager, in addition to some other Web Parts standard called the Workspace Information Web Part (hereinafter referred to WSI). This is used to display basic information about an applied from the Collaboration Manager workspace in SharePoint.
After configuring the Web Parts is represented this as follows:

Now there is the possibility that this representation does not correspond to their own ideas.

At this point, the Content Editor Web Part SharePoint comes into play. For visual redesign some lines of CSS can be inserted, which then change the appearance of the Web Parts here.

In the first step, the ID of the Web Parts has been determined and specified in accordance with the Content Editor Web Part. The desired adjustments to the layout using CSS have been made and the Web Part shone in new splendor.

First attempts to adapt the WSI in the template workspace creation, so that adjustments can be automatically synchronized in areas dependent on template workspaces failed because SharePoint provides when creating a new workspace all placed Web Parts with new IDs.

To work around this problem you need only this Web Part associated CSS classes.

These are:

Main zone

Item zone

Description zone

Value zone

.td DIV.table


.td DIV.floatleft

.td DIV.floatright

Important! For each input property (for example: background-color) attribute must be added important so that they are treated equally!.

In our example, the finished CSS looks like this:

This adjustment is now as follows appearance of WSI:

Important! That Padding (Left / Right) must total not exceed 26px, otherwise the zone values in the description are displayed under the corresponding points of the zone Item!