How do I best take care of the guests

How do I best take care of the guests

Basic Information:

There are many settings with which you can influence the guest access in Microsoft Teams. Here we want to list these and show that we can give these with the Teams Manager without influence of the normal user on the pages to be created.

Option 1 (Org. settings)

Once in the big admin center, the O365 Center, we have set a fixed permission structure for each group site created.

Option 2 (SharePoint admin center)

In the SharePoint admin center we have a deeper division of access from external. Here we can also distinguish whether an external gets access to the SharePoint page and to the files that are loaded on this SharePoint page. 

Option 3 (Teams admin center)

The Teams admin center also offers the possibility to control the guest access. Here we can determine with a setting for all team rooms whether we want to allow guests or not.

Option 4 (Sensitive labels)

You can influence guest access in a more targeted manner by using the sensitive labels in the compliance center. In the event that a user does not select a sensitive label, you can define a default label which is then always used and automatically deployed.

Option 5 (Teams Manager)

In Teams Manager 2 different types are connected. Once we can choose the option whether a team is generally accessible to guests or not, and make this value dependent on a metadata field, for example. 

The second way is to use the Sensitive Labels. The Teams Manager itself can read out the created sensitive labels in the tenant and, e.g. in connection with metadata fields, always roll them out to a team under certain conditions.