Handling Naming Convention Issues in Teams Manager

Handling Naming Convention Issues in Teams Manager


This article addresses the challenges and solutions related to naming convention issues experienced in Teams Manager, particularly after updates that may impact the functionality for users with different license types.

Problem Description

Users have encountered problems where the naming convention behavior for SharePoint URL and Mailnickname is not functioning as expected. Specifically, there have been instances where naming conventions are applied incorrectly, resulting in duplicate prefixes and suffixes.

Resolution Steps

Understanding the Recent Update

  • An update has been made to address inconsistencies where standard license users saw different mail nicknames during team creation and after approval.
  • The naming conventions are now unified, providing correct information throughout the creation and approval process.

Workaround for Enterprise License Users

  • A temporary solution for enterprise license users involves utilizing the "Request/Mailnickname changeable" setting.
  • By enabling this option, users can avoid the issue until a permanent fix is released in the next software update.

Workaround for Standard License Users

  • Until the next release, standard license users who need to modify the "mailnickname" may use a PowerShell script for manual changes.
  • The ticket status can be set to "Waiting on Release" to notify users after the new release deployment.

Communication with Users

  • Users have been informed that the issue has been recognized, and a task has been assigned to developers for resolution.
  • A licensing workaround has been provided until the problem can be addressed in an upcoming release.

User Collaboration

  • The support team encourages users to report any concerns or issues they may continue to face.
  • Users who need further assistance are invited to book a remote session for a step-by-step walkthrough to resolve the issue.


The support team is actively working on resolving naming convention issues in Teams Manager and is committed to providing effective solutions and updates to affected users. The team appreciates users' understanding and patience as they work towards improving the platform.


For any future issues or if assistance is needed, users can reply to email communications or create a new ticket, and the support team will be ready to help.

Remember to keep track of updates and release notes provided by Teams Manager to stay informed of any changes that may affect naming conventions and other functionalities.

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