Guest Account Deletion in External User Manager (EUM) when Removed from Entra ID

Guest Account Deletion in External User Manager (EUM) when Removed from Entra ID


This article addresses the query regarding the behavior of the External User Manager (EUM) database when a guest user is deleted directly from Microsoft Entra (previously known as Azure Active Directory).

Problem Statement

When a guest user is removed from Entra ID, there is a need to understand the implications for their corresponding entry in the EUM database, particularly whether this deletion is reflected automatically in EUM.

Clarification and Procedure

  • Manual Update Required:

    • Deleting a guest user directly from Entra ID does not automatically update the EUM database.
    • To maintain consistency and ensure the database is accurate, a manual update in EUM is necessary following any direct deletion from Entra ID.
  • Best Practices for Guest Management:

    • It is advised to use EUM as the primary tool for managing guest users to streamline processes and avoid any discrepancies between systems.
    • When deletion from Entra ID is unavoidable, promptly updating EUM is crucial for maintaining accurate records.


To ensure accurate and up-to-date guest management, any changes made to user status in Entra ID should be manually mirrored in the EUM database.


For additional support or clarification on managing EUM guest accounts, please contact Solutions2Share Support. Our team is committed to assisting you and ensuring you have the necessary guidance to effectively use our services.

Remember, when managing guest users, adhering to the recommended approach of using EUM for all guest management tasks can prevent inconsistencies and possible issues with database synchronization. If exceptions arise, please manually update EUM to keep the records aligned.