Effective Solutions for Resolving Guest Addition Issues in Teams Manager and Azure AD

Effective Solutions for Resolving Guest Addition Issues in Teams Manager and Azure AD


Administrators and users of Teams Manager may encounter issues where guests are not being added to Azure AD groups. This issue impacts the efficient management of user access and collaboration within Teams.

Problem Statement

The core issue is that guests invited via the External User Manager (EUM) are not being added to the corresponding Team or Azure AD Group. Despite successful onboarding and addition to the Azure AD, these accounts do not appear in the group membership. Key elements of this problem include:

  • Necessity of a service account with global administrator rights for permission granting.
  • Frequent need to regrant permissions.
  • Difficulties in managing permissions without a global administrator account.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Verify Service Account Rights: Ensure the service account used has global administrator rights.

    • Navigate to the External User Manager's "Settings > Setup" menu.
    • Click on the "Grant Permissions" button.
    • Confirm that the service account has the necessary rights.
  2. Grant Permissions Post-Release: Post software update, regrant permissions using the service account.

    • This step will become easier and more streamlined with upcoming software updates.
  3. Manage Permissions Without Global Admin Rights: If you lack a global admin account:

    • Consider temporarily assigning global admin rights to a trusted user for the purpose of granting permissions.
    • Remove these rights after the process is complete.
  4. Clear Cache and Cookies: If encountering authentication errors:

    • Clear browser cache and cookies.
    • Access Teams and grant permissions again.

Additional Tips

  • Alternative Solutions: In cases where global admin rights are a concern, monitor the upcoming releases of EUM for solutions that might relax these stringent requirements.
  • Related Products: Keep abreast of changes in related products like External User Manager and MindMap for potential cross-functional solutions.


  1. Do we need to regrant permissions regularly?

    • Until the new release of EUM, regranting permissions may be necessary. Monitor announcements for updates that streamline this process.
  2. Can we manage guests without a global admin account?

    • Currently, a global administrator account is necessary. However, future updates may offer more flexibility.
  3. What roles can the service user perform?

    • The service user, with the required permissions, manages all invitation processes in the External User Manager.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • For issues not resolved by the above steps, create a test tenant to simulate and identify the specific problem.
  • Contact support with detailed information about the issue for further assistance.

Product Information

Teams Manager, with its External User Manager feature, plays a crucial role in managing guest access and collaborations in Teams. Resolving the issue of guests not being added to Azure AD groups is vital for maintaining efficient team management and access control within the platform.