Disabling the Default 'Create a Team' Button in Teams Manager

Disabling the Default 'Create a Team' Button in Teams Manager


This article provides a solution for IT administrators who need to disable the default 'Create a Team' button in Teams Manager. This functionality is particularly useful in environments where team creation needs to be controlled or restricted.

Problem Statement

  • Issue: The default 'Create a Team' button in Teams Manager is visible and accessible to users, leading to uncontrolled or unauthorized creation of teams.
  • User Impact: Administrators require a method to hide or disable this button to manage team creation more effectively and maintain organizational structure.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Refer to the Blog Guide:

    • Visit the Solutions2Share blog titled "Microsoft Teams: How to Disable Teams Creation" at this link.
    • This blog contains a detailed guide and necessary script for disabling the 'Create a Team' button.
  2. Implement the Script:

    • Follow the instructions in the blog to implement the script in your Teams Manager environment.
    • Ensure you have the necessary permissions to execute scripts in your environment.
  3. Test the Changes:

    • After implementing the script, test to ensure that the 'Create a Team' button is no longer visible or accessible to users.
    • Verify that other functionalities of Teams Manager are not impacted.
  4. Monitor and Update as Needed:

    • Continuously monitor the Teams Manager environment for any unintended consequences or necessary updates following this change.

Additional Tips

  • Backup Configurations: Always backup your current configurations before implementing new scripts.
  • User Communication: Inform your users about this change to avoid confusion or support tickets related to team creation.


  1. Is disabling the 'Create a Team' button reversible?

    • Yes, this action is reversible. The original script can be modified or removed to re-enable the button.
  2. Will this affect existing teams or only new team creation?

    • This change only affects the creation of new teams; existing teams will not be impacted.
  3. Can I selectively enable the 'Create a Team' button for certain users?

    • Yes, this can be done by modifying the script or using additional settings in Teams Manager to control access based on user roles or permissions.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • Script Execution Errors: If you encounter errors during script execution, check for syntax errors or permissions issues.
  • Button Still Visible: If the 'Create a Team' button remains visible, ensure the script was implemented correctly and that the Teams Manager and Microsoft Teams environments are synchronized.

Product Information

Teams Manager is a versatile tool designed to manage Microsoft Teams environments effectively. It offers features like template management, lifecycle control, and policy enforcement, enhancing the user experience and administrative efficiency.

  • [Controlling Team Creation in Teams Manager]
  • [Scripting in Teams Manager]
  • [Managing User Permissions in Teams Manager]

For further assistance, feel free to contact the support team. Remember, keeping Teams Manager up to date and correctly configured ensures a streamlined and efficient collaborative environment.

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