Determining Archival Dates for Migrated Teams in Teams Manager

Determining Archival Dates for Migrated Teams in Teams Manager


A common question in managing Microsoft Teams through Teams Manager involves understanding which date is used to calculate the archival period for migrated teams. This article clarifies whether the system uses the original team creation date or the date of migration for archival calculations.

Common Question

  • Question: In Teams Manager, when a team is migrated, does the system use the migration date to calculate the archival period instead of the original team creation date?

Explanation and Solution

  1. Default Behaviour:
    • Typically, Teams Manager is configured to use the migration date as the starting point for calculating the archival period for migrated teams.
  2. Contacting Support for Clarification:
    • If there is any uncertainty or if the system does not seem to behave as expected, contact the Teams Manager support team for confirmation and assistance.
  3. Monitoring After Migration:
    • After migrating teams, monitor the archival reminders to ensure they align with the migration dates.
  4. Requesting System Updates for Self-Hoster:
    • If the system does not currently use the migration date and this feature is desired, inquire about the possibility of a system update or configuration change from the Teams Manager development team if you are on a self-hosted environment.

Additional Tips

  • Regular System Reviews: Periodically review your Teams Manager configuration to ensure alignment with organizational policies.
  • Documentation and Communication: Document all migrations and inform team owners about how these changes might affect their teams, especially regarding archival dates.
  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of the latest Teams Manager updates and features that might impact team management and archival processes.


  1. How do we ensure the Teams Manager uses the migration date for archival purposes?
    • Verify the system settings and consult with Teams Manager support to ensure the migration date is used for archival calculations.
  2. What steps should be taken if the archival dates are incorrect post-migration?
    • Review the migration details, manually adjust the archival dates if necessary, and contact support for assistance.
  3. Can we configure Teams Manager to use either the creation date or the migration date based on our preference?
    • This depends on Teams Manager's capabilities. Contact support to explore configuration options.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

  • If inconsistencies with archival dates persist, revisit the migration process settings, and consult the Teams Manager support for a detailed examination and resolution.

Product Information

Teams Manager is designed to streamline the administration of Microsoft Teams, including the management of team lifecycles. Proper configuration and understanding of archival dates after migration are crucial for orderly and compliant management of team spaces.

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