Correcting OneNote Naming Conventions in SharePoint

Correcting OneNote Naming Conventions in SharePoint


Users managing content on SharePoint may encounter issues with OneNote notebooks that do not follow expected naming conventions, especially after provisioning new sites or workspaces. This guide details how to correct OneNote naming conventions to avoid duplication and ensure clarity.

Problem Statement

It has been observed that when accessing OneNote from a SharePoint site, a second notebook may be inadvertently created with a default name. This can result in multiple notebooks with similar or generic names, leading to user confusion.

Step-by-Step Solution

If you're facing challenges with OneNote naming on your SharePoint site, here are the steps to address the issue:

  1. Identify the Default Notebook:

    • Determine which OneNote notebook is being generated by default when accessing from SharePoint.
  2. Manual Renaming:

    • If an unwanted default notebook is created, manually rename it for clarity.
    • For the notebook you intend to use, assign a distinctive name that clearly indicates its purpose or relation to the project.
  3. Adjust SharePoint Links:

    • In the SharePoint site navigation, update the links to direct users to the correctly named OneNote notebook.
    • Remove or hide links that lead to the creation of default notebooks to prevent further confusion.
  4. Communicate Changes:

    • Notify your team or users of the naming changes and new navigation paths to ensure everyone is aware.
    • Provide instructions on how to access the correctly named OneNote notebooks.
  5. Documentation and Training:

    • Document the process for naming OneNote notebooks and share this with your team.
    • Include this information in onboarding materials for new team members.

Additional Tips

  • Consistent Naming Scheme: Adopt a consistent naming scheme for OneNote notebooks related to specific projects or teams.
  • User Education: Educate users on the importance of following naming conventions to prevent similar issues in the future.


  • Q: How can I rename an existing OneNote notebook in SharePoint?

    • A: Navigate to the notebook in question, open it in OneNote Online, and use the 'Rename' option to give it a new, distinct name.
  • Q: What should I do if a default OneNote notebook keeps being created?

    • A: Update the SharePoint site's settings to ensure that the link to create a new notebook is either removed or redirects to the correctly named notebook.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

If the issue with OneNote naming conventions continues:

  • Review SharePoint Settings: Revisit the site's settings to ensure there are no features or workflows inadvertently creating new notebooks.
  • Check User Permissions: Ensure that users have the appropriate permissions to rename and manage notebooks within SharePoint.

Product Information

Proper management of OneNote notebooks within SharePoint is crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient workspace. Ensuring that notebooks are correctly named and linked within SharePoint sites helps users find and collaborate on documents effectively.

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