Collaboration Manager Service Application not found!

Collaboration Manager Service Application not found!


When creating a new template on the Ribbon button in the template library following error message appears:

Error message: 

Collaboration Manager Service application not found! Please contact your administrator.


This issue can have three causes:

1.Connection between Collaboration Service Manager application and the Collaboration Manager service was interrupted.

Load the new Collaboration Service Manager application to.

2.Collaboration Manager service is not started.


Check the settings under "Services on Server" if one of the servers of the service "Collaboration Manager Service" is started.

3.Web application was not connected to the Collaboration Manager Service application.


Check the assignment of service application in the Central Administration. Select the web application on which the Collaboration Manager has been activated, you press the button "links".
Set the check mark in the check box "Collaboration Manager Service Application Proxy" and Confirm the change by clicking "OK".

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