Collaboration Manager 365 with Nintex Workflows

Collaboration Manager 365 with Nintex Workflows


  • Collaboration Manager 365 has to be licensed and added to your SharePoint

  • A license for Nintex Workflows has to be purchased
  • Nintex Workflow has to be added to your SharePoint

Installation, licence and activation

For the use of Nintex Workflows with Collaboration Manager 365, you have to purchase a license for Nintex Workflows. Navigate to the ‘Global Setup’ of CM365 and choose ‘Nintex 365’ in the ‘Settings’ drop-down. Use the link to contact our sales team.

To manage Nintex 365 with Collaboration Manager, you have to enter a API key. Click on ‘this’ to follow the link.

Fill in the provided form and submit your request. You will receive your API key via email.

Enter the 22-digit number in the provided field. Save the API key. Collaboration Manager 365 is now able to communicate with Nintex.

Create Nintex Workflows in CM 365

To create a Nintex Workflow in a list, choose ‘list’ in the ribbon bar and click the Nintex Workflow icon.

To create a Nintex Workflow in a template or workspace, navigate to the Site Contents and click the Nintex Workflow icon. To check existing site workflows, choose ‘Site Workflows’.

You will be redirected to the Workflow Gallery. Modify existing workflows or click the button to create a new workflow.

Use drag & drop to add actions to your workflow. Configure, duplicate and delete actions by clicking the ellipsis menu (three dots).

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