Administration and Pre-configuration of M365 Apps via Teams Manager

Administration and Pre-configuration of M365 Apps via Teams Manager


Administrators often inquire about the extent to which Teams Manager can administrate, regulate, and pre-configure not only within the Teams app but also across other Microsoft 365 applications. Understanding these capabilities is essential for IT administrators looking to streamline their team's workflows.

Problem Statement

Administrators need clarification on whether Teams Manager provides administrative capabilities beyond the Teams app for other Microsoft 365 applications such as Planner, Lists, OneDrive, and OneNote. Questions arise about what extent of pre-configuration and regulation is possible with these integrated apps.

Step-by-Step Solution

Here’s how Teams Manager interacts with various Microsoft 365 apps:

  1. Microsoft Planner:

    • Teams Manager allows for the initiation of a new Planner project without the need for a connected Teams group.
  2. OneNote and OneDrive:

    • The creation of a new notebook for a team is always bound to that particular team.
    • New OneNote notebooks or OneDrive libraries must be created after the team's formation and are manually managed by the team owner without automation.
  3. SharePoint Site:

    • For the SharePoint site generated for Teams, ownership rights do not have to be granted to the Teams group owner.
    • This allows the SharePoint Administrator to maintain control over the SharePoint site.
  4. Third-party Tools:

    • Third-party tools cannot be configured, regulated, or administered through Teams Manager.

Additional Tips

  • Automation Limitations: Understand that automation for app creation like OneNote and OneDrive is not available within Teams Manager.
  • SharePoint Sites: Utilize the SharePoint site generation feature to maintain administrative control separate from Teams ownership.


  • Q: Can Teams Manager be used to manage the settings of apps like OneNote or OneDrive?

    • A: No, the creation and management of OneNote notebooks or OneDrive libraries are bound to the team and require manual operation by the team owner.
  • Q: Is it possible to start a new Planner project without a connected Teams group?

    • A: Yes, Teams Manager allows the initiation of new Planner projects independently of a Teams group.

Troubleshooting Further Issues

If you encounter issues with the pre-configuration or administration of M365 apps within Teams Manager, consider the following:

  • Ensure that all apps are within the scope of Teams Manager's capabilities as outlined above.
  • Verify that the user attempting to administer or configure apps has the necessary permissions within Teams Manager and the respective M365 app.

Product Information

Teams Manager is a comprehensive tool that integrates closely with Microsoft Teams to offer administrative capabilities within the Teams environment. While it provides significant control over certain aspects and certain apps, it may have limitations with others, requiring a combination of manual management and separate administrative tools.

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