Adding RSS Feeds to the News Ticker Webpart in SharePoint

Adding RSS Feeds to the News Ticker Webpart in SharePoint


This article provides guidance on including RSS news feeds into the News Ticker Webpart using version 2.0, as requested by the user Saila Abdulkareem.

Issue Description

The user encountered a challenge trying to load the RSS feed into the News Ticker Webpart, experiencing an extended loading period without any resulting display.

Resolution Steps

Confirming RSS Feed URL

  1. Locate the RSS feed URL from the desired news source, often indicated by an RSS icon on the website or by searching for "RSS feed" on a search engine.

Adding RSS to News Ticker Webpart

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint page where the News Ticker Webpart will be added.
  2. Enter the edit mode and select "Add a Web Part".
  3. From the Web Part gallery, choose "News Ticker Webpart" and add it to the page.
  4. Access the Webpart settings by clicking the gear icon and then select "Edit Web Part".
  5. In the "News Ticker Settings", use the "Add" button next to "RSS Feeds".
  6. In the dialog box, input the RSS feed URL and confirm by clicking "Add".
  7. Repeat the step for additional RSS feeds if necessary.
  8. Save the Webpart settings, then save and publish the page to view the News Ticker with the RSS feeds.


  • If the feed fails to load, verify the RSS feed URL for accuracy.
  • Ensure there is no conflict with page scripts or other Webparts that might prevent the RSS feed from loading.

Customer Follow-Up

  • The Solutions2Share Support Team followed up with the user to confirm if there are any further issues and to provide additional assistance if needed.


RSS feeds can be a valuable addition to SharePoint pages for quick access to news updates. Users should ensure they have the correct RSS feed URL and that they follow the correct procedure to add it to the News Ticker Webpart.


For any further assistance or information, users are encouraged to contact the Solutions2Share Support Team. Our team is ready to provide support and address any further concerns or technical difficulties encountered with the News Ticker Webpart or any other products.


Users experiencing prolonged issues or unsatisfactory solutions should respond to the support team's follow-up email to keep the ticket open or to request further support.

Remember to utilize the resources available in our Help Center and Knowledge Base for more information and support articles, and inform us if individual product support is required. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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