Activate the Webparts

Activate the Webparts

The following webparts are components of the Collaboration Manager 365.
First of all you have to install the "Collaboration Manager 365 AppParts" solution in the tenant.

1. Navigate to the SharePoint online Central Administration Page and press the "apps" link in the left navigation.

2. Select the App Catalog link.

3. Click the "Apps for SharePoint" link

4. Upload the "Collaboration Manager 365 AppParts" File into the document library.

5. As its better to activate the Webparts in the template instead of the workspace navigate to your template list and click on the template url you want to equip.

6. Press the "Site Contents" hyperlink.

7. Click on "add an app".

8. Click on the "Collaboration Manager 365 AppParts" tile.

9. Trust the app.

10. The App "Collaboration Manager 365 AppParts" has been added to your template.

After you have finished please navigate back in the template list and save the template.