Accessing Historical Adaptive Cards in External User Manager

Accessing Historical Adaptive Cards in External User Manager


The External User Manager (External User Manager) tool is critical for managing access requests and tracking user interactions. Occasionally, users may encounter issues retrieving historical adaptive cards, especially for entries beyond a specific date. This guide aims to help any customer facing challenges in viewing their entire history of adaptive cards in External User Manager.

Problem Statement

Users may notice that adaptive cards within External User Manager are displayed only up to a recent timestamp, leaving older records seemingly out of reach. This limitation can interfere with the process of reviewing access requests and conducting necessary audits.

Step-by-Step Solution

For users unable to view older adaptive cards in External User Manager, the following steps should be taken:

  1. System Updates Check:

    • Confirm that your External User Manager is up to date as newer versions may affect data display settings.
  2. Data Retention Settings Verification:

    • Look into External User Manager settings to ensure no data retention policies could be restricting visibility of older adaptive cards.
  3. User Permissions Examination:

    • Verify that your account has the right permissions to access historical data within External User Manager.
  4. Support Engagement:

    • Reach out to External User Manager support for further assistance if the issue is not resolved by initial checks.
  5. Historical Data Report Request:

    • If past adaptive cards remain invisible, request a detailed report or data export from the support team for the required timeframe.
  6. Incident Documentation:

    • Document the issue as a technical incident for the External User Manager development team for system review and potential bug fixes.
  7. Update Monitoring:

    • Stay informed on communications from the External User Manager team about system updates or known issues that might affect data visibility.

Additional Tips

  • Backup Regularly: Keep frequent backups of your External User Manager data to safeguard against loss and ensure access to historical records.
  • Record Keeping: Maintain detailed records of all troubleshooting steps and communications for accountability and reference.


  • Q: How can I guarantee access to all my adaptive cards, including the older ones, in External User Manager?

    • A: Regular checks of your data retention policies and user permissions are recommended. If discrepancies are found, promptly contact External User Manager support.
  • Q: What actions should I take if there are missing entries in my External User Manager dashboard?

    • A: Engage with the support team to look into potential causes, and if necessary, ask for data restoration or a detailed report.

Troubleshooting Further Challenges

Should issues persist with accessing older adaptive cards:

  • Audit Trail Checks: Review the External User Manager's audit trails for any activities that might affect data accessibility.
  • Cache Clearance: Clearing the cache of your browser or desktop app may resolve issues with data display.

Product Information

The External User Manager is a comprehensive tool for managing external user access. Ensuring access to a full history of adaptive cards is essential for thorough management and audit trails.