Access denied while calling the workspace

Access denied while calling the workspace


After you create the workspace, the page can only be accessed using the administrator account. All users who are entitled to the page about People Permission Fields or Group Permission Fields get an Access denied message when the page.


The user passes through the URL usually on the homepage of the workspace. There are some Web Parts are placed, indicating perhaps a content from another site to which the users are not entitled.

Known misconfigurations:

  1. Workspace Information Web Part is placed on the page that users are not (at least.) Reading entitled to the workspace list.
  2. Timelime Web Part was placed. The Timeline Web Part internally stores but the connection data of the list on the template. Most users do not have permission to the template, resulting in an access denied message.


  1. Authorize the user to the workspace element

To do this in the Site Settings and select the settings of the Collaboration Manager from.

Under listitem Permissions now are all persons and group permissions fields that have been added to the workspace list, appears. Now select itself the right permissions settings.

Note: The settings are not applied after you save on all existing elements. The setting only applies to new elements.

  1. Replace the Timeline Web Part through the standard Web Part "tasks" under the category "Apps"


    Although this Web part also shows tasks below, but assumes the correct configuration.

    Alternatively, you can validate the Timeline Web Part after creating the page again and again to save. This solves the problem with a little manual effort

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